Wi-Fi Freaks by Arsen WardWi-Fi Freaks

When the founder and admin of a social media freak group agrees to meet up with one of the group members, she discovers her online persona may have written her a reality check she can’t cash!

Online Cecily Granger goes by the name Sense of Wonder, and she’s the Queen of Sensual Wonderland where she can be as kinky/uninhibited as she chooses. But, in the real world she is a socially awkward tech geek withvery little experience in the sex department.

It takes Cecily’s wild, free-spirited best friend to get her to take the wi-fi freak she is from the computer screen to the hotel suite. Can Cecily live up to her internet crush’s expectations, or will he find out she isn’t exactly who she “posts” to be?

Thirst Traps Presents and any associated logos and titles are the intellectual property of Wrought Iron Reads.

Wi-Fi Freaks, Copyright © 2015 by Arsen Ward


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