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Met The Mullet Boyz Band Today

Brainstorming Marketing
Author Sondi Warner doodled up our last brainstorming session. As Louisiana writers, how do we get people to fall in love with our books? Voodoo? Yeah, no.

It’s a dark and stormy night in Baton Rouge, and I’m sitting here with drafts and my red pen making the rest of the authors in the circle miserable. (Someone’s gotta be the bad guy!) But, Sondi Warner is livening things up with doodles, marketing strategies and a recounting of her day, including meeting The Mullet Boyz Band:

3My girlfriend and I are in the middle of talking about The Suburban Wives Sex Club and Wi-Fi Freaks by Arsen Ward but stop talking mid-sentence and stare in awe. We see a guy with a mullet, wearing a cut-off tank and a fanny pack walk out next to a shorter fellow in spandex with glam rock hair.

These two are followed by a man in a red tracksuit, and all I can think is Doc from Back to the Future is about to hop out from between the cars, because we’ve surely done some time traveling!

“Did Halloween come early?” I ask. Then, it dawns on me. “No! They’ve gotta be a band!”

My girlfriend says, “Get out of the car and go talk to them! Tell them about your writing circle!”

“I can’t do that! I’m too shy!” I protest. So, she decides to drive over, forcing me out of my shell.

This one’s for you, The Mullet Boyz

They turned out to be some cool cats, The Mullet Boyz Band. I told them about us. *Wink*  So, yeah, I got over my fear of talking to strangers for you guys. *Bravado Face*

I wish I could’ve been there, because Sondi painted a picture worth seeing. In the meantime, Arsen Ward’s new book, The Suburban Wives Sex Club, hit bookshelves a few days early! Have you gotten your copy? Click the book to download your copy!

The SWS ClubJulissa Johnson just wants the simple things: a mini mansion, red-soled pumps and a wealthy husband who won’t cheat. Too bad all that comes with a side of her busy hubby never having time to fulfill her sexual needs.  But, when the lovely ladies of Sunny Heights Park invite her to join their club, Julissa discovers that affairs of the heart are the most dangerous kind. The Suburban Wives Sex Club is a wicked wild mix of orgies, oral and orgasms. Can Julissa have the lifestyle she’s grown accustomed to and a brother on the side? Or, will keeping up with the Joneses be the Johnsons’ undoing?

In the spirit of giving you readers an authentic view of “that life,” I’m gearing up to hit a SEX CLUB so I can come back and tell you guys all about it. Life is stranger than fiction, they say! We’ll see. 😉

Now, let me get back to this engrossing draft from Reatha Beauregard. Fingers crossed if you’re a fan of paranormal. You just might be getting some shorts from the Hex Books author soon! Stay tuned! 

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