Behind the Scenes

Calypso to go to SEX CLUB?


–Calypso Grier, Writer/Editor for Wrought Iron Reads

Coming off a long Labor Day weekend, it’s your girl, Calypso Grier. I had a great time relaxing with mom and dad and my extended family, but now it’s back to work, and I couldn’t be more excited about what’s going on here at Wrought Iron Reads.

The SWS ClubLadies and gentlemen, if you haven’t gotten your copy of The Suburban Wives Sex Club yet, then you’re missing out. Get it while it’s FREE! This book is about a lonely suburban wife, Julissa, who has to put up with her husband’s lousy schedule, which cuts into their “sexy” time. When her helpful neighbors tell her about the SWS Club, it sounds like the perfect way to get her needs met. But, will the club deliver more than she can handle?

Arsen Ward has written a hedonistic cast of women who aren’t afraid to remake the rules. And, did I mention the orgies?! Orgies galore.

So, to bring you readers closer to the action, I decided to plan a visit to a sex club, myself, and report back about the experience. As I prepare for the trip coming up Friday night, I wonder: What exactly does one wear to a sex club? My closet coughed up a fancy black dress with flare, a turquoise mini skirt and t-shirt combination and leather hot pants with a sheer silk blouse.

I picture a dark and sensual space filled with lovers exactly like the kinky scene in Chapter 3 of The Suburban Wives Sex Club. Clothing optional? Nah, this is New Orleans we’re talking about. Clothing is a definite MUST!

Now, before you ask, I’m going strictly to observe. Calypso Grier is only a freak online (kinda like you-know-who from Wi-Fi Freaks. Have you read that yet? You should check it out here!)Wi-Fi Freaks

You guys, I have no idea what to expect this coming weekend, but fingers crossed that it’s not too wild for my sensibilities.

In the meantime, the other authors in the circle sat down today and worked on some nifty little shorts to give you lovely readers a taste of each of their unique flavors. I didn’t get to take part in this round, but I’m geared up for round 2 next month since we decided to make this a monthly thing.

We’ll come up with a picture/word prompt, and we’ll write a story under 2000 words for your enjoyment. YOU can take part by commenting with some flash fiction of your own—300 words max! How cool is that?

We look forward to reading your stories, and we hope you have fun reading ours. Click here for September’s shorts.


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