Behind the Scenes

New Book, You say?

–Calypso Grier, Writer/Editor for Wrought Iron Reads


I’m sitting on the patio, watching the rain slant across a backdrop of lush green late summer trees. The sky is blue, and the worst of the storm has passed. I’ve got a cup of Community Coffee next to me, and on my screen is the latest new book from Arsen Ward.

Arsen Ward to the reader rescue!

What can I say about this dude that doesn’t sound like shameless hero worship, lol? His debut, Wi-Fi Freaks, climbed to the top of Amazon’s African American Erotica charts, and it has consistently remained in the Top 10. THEN, he turned around and gave us The Suburban Wives Sex Club.

Now, he’s outdoing himself again with Sleeping with His Sister. I can’t wait until you read this instant hit that takes a walk on the taboo side with a lesbian romp between the sheets. The steam factor is turned up by about a thousand degrees as we get hot and freaky with two women who have no business being together. And, it’s slated to hit online bookstores before the end of the week.  

Dare I say what next week’s field work will entail? This week I gear up to head to a sex club in honor of The SWS Club. I’ve got my outfit picked out and my brave face ready. Wish me luck!!

silhouette sex
I love my job. 😉

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