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Diverse is the Word

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–Calypso Grier, Writer/Editor for Wrought Iron Reads

It’s your girl, Calypso Grier, and I’m excited to say we’ve got new books coming your way! Now, with titles added weekly, this shouldn’t come as any surprise, but what is different is…



Check out what we have in store for you!

When He Knocks by Reatha Beauregard – Coming Sep. 17, 2015 –

Tova Greene’s cushy new job comes with a few strange rules. “No matter what, don’t answer the door,” her boss tells her. What’s on the other side could be her wildest dream or her darkest nightmare, but who will have to pay for Tova to find out?

Reatha Beauregard powers forward with a thrilling short full of sensual shocks and surprises. If you’ve been waiting for paranormal, then wait no more. We’re giving you a taste before the much anticipated late September release of book 1 of Antebellum Soul.

Jonquille: Until It Happens by Sondi Warner -Coming Sep. 18, 2015 –

Pierce is a gambling man, but when a bad bet catches up with him, he’ll have to cash in or check out. Unless the gorgeous tarot reader who warned him he was in danger can save him from himself. Jonquille sees the future, but when it comes to falling in love nothing is certain…until it happens.

Sondi Warner comes out of nowhere with a contemporary romance debut. We haven’t said much about this writer who has October in her line of sight for a series release, but readers are in for a treat with this unexpected short.

Antebellum Soul: Here & Now by Reatha Beauregard – Coming Sep. 28, 2015 –

Myranda is on a quest to discover who she really is, a journey that will take her back to Louisiana where she was kidnapped as a child. But, when her kidnapper returns for her, she may have to forget everything she ever knew in order to survive.

Reatha Beauregard’s much anticipated series begins at the end of September, so prepare to meet the Southern girl with Northern sensibilities who returns to her roots and finds love.

Man, I LOVE being able to do this. I hope you guys keep your eye out for these and other books dropping this month. This is Calypso, signing over and out. Ta-ta now, y’all! 


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