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–Calypso Grier, Writer/Editor for Wrought Iron Reads

It’s your girl, Calypso Grier, and I’ve got several things I want to talk about before I direct your attention over here to a full chapter excerpt of Reatha’s debut stand-alone. I am PUMPED to the max about Reatha Beauregard and Sondi Warner wowing us with some genre diversity, but I haven’t forgotten about the King of Classy Kink, Mr. Arsen Ward.

First up, I think it’s time for another field trip! Now, for those of you who don’t know, part of my job is giving you readers up close and personal insight into the worlds of our characters. Last week took me to a SEX CLUB. I know, I know, it’s a naughty job, but someone’s gotta do it!

Get it today!
Get it today!

Arsen Ward’s Sleeping with His Sister blew up to the #2 spot of the list of Free African American Erotica, and our beta readers are raving about the sensual lesbian story. My creative buzzers are beeping at the possibilities, but I asked you readers to come up with suggestions for how I can best invite you into Pretoria’s world. I’ll give you a chance to comment below while I keep tossing around ideas of my own.

Should I go out with a girl? Kiss a girl? Or, just interview a couple of hot lesbians? Choices, choices, choices!

In the meantime, it was brought to my attention to the REVIEW process for Amazon will take you over the river and through the woods to get to, but I want to remind readers once you cop that book and finish reading–please, please, please take a journey to the review section and post your reviews!!! Reviews make the book world go ’round, so if you don’t review what happens? Our world stops. And, not in a cool “Beyonce stop-da-world” kinda way either. 🙂

Week of Freebies

The Week of Freebies–announced exclusively on our Facebook page–was a smashing success with OVER 500 COPIES DOWNLOADED absolutely free!!! Now, if you’re feeling like you missed out because you’re not following us on FB, then you know what to do. Get over there and LIKE us!

Wrought Iron Reads wants to send a heap of love to everyone who took the time to check out our selection of quality reads at value prices and to remind you that even if you missed the free stuff, we’re always cheap and easy for you, dear reader! ❤

Available NOW!
Available NOW!

Finally, I can get to the part that has me super excited. Variety is the spice of life, and we are proud to announce a new book in the paranormal romance genre! This work-filled week has been a whirlwind of activity over here at W.I.R. to bring you not 1, but 2 standalone books from Reatha Beauregard and Sondi Warner. I gave you a sneak peek at the cover art and a little hint of what’s coming, and now you can roll on over to our book section to download your copy of When He Knocks as early as NOW!

I’ve got books to edit, stories to read and write and a household to run, so it’s time for me to jet! I just couldn’t let the day end without chatting it up with some of my favorite people. Thanks for reading! Ta-ta now, y’all!


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