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TIRED but Yet Holding On :)

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–Calypso Grier, Writer/Editor for Wrought Iron Reads

Hello, loves, it’s your girl Calypso Grier, reporting to you from beneath a rose gold sliver of moon. It’s a night for wine and good reads, and I’m winding down after this incredibly busy, rewarding week. If you haven’t been following along then here’s what you missed:

A Week of Freebies announced ONLY on Facebook. If you haven’t Liked us yet, you might be missing out! We gave out over 500 copies of our books on Amazon, and we were so impressed with the outpouring of love from you guys that we can’t wait to do that again! I want to encourage each and every one of you who took out the time to purchase and read our books to please take just a moment more and post some reviews! Spread the word about Wrought Iron Reads. Your friends and family will thank you. 🙂 Week of Freebies

New Release from Reatha Beauregard, a standalone novella Available Now on Amazon! Lovers of Dark Fantasy will be spellbound by Reatha Beauregard’s unique storytelling in this macabre debut.  Reatha surprised us ll with a standalone book to pique your interest prior to the late September release of Antebellum Soul. This novella, When He Knocks, has sensuality, seductiveness and a side of suicide for a dark fantasy bound to have you coming back for more! You can get yours now!

Get Yours Today!
Get Yours Today!

Trailers for Wi-Fi Freaks by Arsen Ward and When He Knocks by Reatha Beauregard. Our design team rustled together some trailers to help you readers discover our writers, and there are more where these came from. Check out the great views below!

If you want to stay hip to all the latest from Wrought Iron Reads then there are several ways to follow us:




and now, our very own Youtube Channel!

We’re keeping the good times rolling and gearing up for a Monday release of Sondi Warner’s, Jonquille: Until It Happens, as well as another short next week from our main man, Arsen Ward. Needless to say, writers don’t get days off, but that’s quite alright with us here at Wrought Iron Reads.

In the meantime, I haven’t forgotten that I owe you guys a very Arsen Ward-esque field trip in honor of his wonderful new short, Sleeping with His Sister, but when I tell you that your girl is tired, I mean TIRED, baby!! So, let’s make a date to try again next week. Now I better drag myself to bed, but tune in next week with more from your girl, Calypso Grier. Ta-ta now, y’all!

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Books so hot…you’ll probably need a drink.

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