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writer people problems

–Calypso Grier, Writer/Editor for Wrought Iron Reads

It’s your girl, Calypso Grier, checking in bright and early on this Monday morning. I’m back, and I’m refreshed, and I’m better than ever! Ready to get this week going with some new releases, some book trailers, some interviews and general hullabaloo around here.

Let me tell you, dear readers, there’s nothing like the life of a writer to serve you a slice of humble pie. We’ve been selling books left and right but just can’t seem to get any reviews! So, if you’re one of our readers, know that we’d love to hear how you enjoyed the reading experience. If you’re not one of our readers, go get you a copy of something. 🙂 They’re ALL great! ❤

In the quest to supply premium content, I spent the day off researching some things and came up with the nifty idea to make this blog less about advertising and more about our process over here. To that end, you can expect more down to earth, behind the scenes looks at what we do.

For instance, today I’ll be working double time to complete edits on Sondi Warner’s new novella, Jonquille: Until It Happens. Meanwhile, Sondi supplied some cute Tweets for our Twitter page:

“When you write with kids horse-playing in the background, your sentences take on a nice, choppy, angry mom tempo”

–and my personal favorit–

“#WriterPeopleProblems – You’re an author. Which means you specialize in writing, editing, marketing, speaking and not killing people off.”

You can follow us on Twitter @WIRBecauseLife.

I checked in with Arsen. Along with promoting his latest books, he’s finishing up another short to put on bookshelves soon as we debate whether readers would prefer a series of longer works from him or one full-length standalone novel. (You can weigh in on it if you like. Which do you prefer? A series or a novel?)

Reatha will soon, soon be blessing us with her paranormal madness with Antebellum Soul, which I’m particularly excited about because paranormal is my favorite genre to read. As for me, personally, I’m sure I’ll be coming out with something sometime soon. It’s just impossible to wear all my hats at once.

So, that’s a tiny glimpse into our world with much more sure to come in the near future. For now, the red pen calls. *Devious Laugh* Well, someone has to keep an eye out for typos!

Tata now, y’all!


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