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Be a Lover, Not a Writer Part 1 – GUEST POST FROM ARSEN

writer people problems

–Arsen Ward, Writer/Guest Blogger for Wrought Iron Reads

Arsen Ward, Wrought Iron Reads’ September Man of the Month, weighs in on what it’s like being a single writer. 

  1. I write a LOT of erotica, which basically means I’m hunched over a computer more often than over a woman.
  2. It’s easier to have sex than to write it but occasionally vice versa, which is much worse.
  3. Writing while black might narrow my audience to mostly African American females, but that allows my writing to be more “true to life.” Do I sometimes write about my actual sexual encounters? Yep.
  4. People fall in love with the writer, not the person. I am so much more than my words. That’s why I usually don’t tell my dates I’m a writer.
  5. The starving writer is eating less than the starving artist. I’m like “this” close to selling drugs.
  6. Writing strong female leads means I’m in touch with my feminine side. Ladies love a strong female lead.
  7. You probably think as a writer I’m driving a fly ass coup and lugging around the latest modern typewriter. Nope. I drive a Fiat. It’s cute, but my driver can’t “roll up the partition, please.” My laptop probably isn’t as cool as yours, either.
  8. Because I’m a writer, my veracity gets called into question a lot. I’ve heard “You probably made that up” about a million times.
  9. Woman of my dreams? Li’l Wayne said it best: “I don’t sleep, so I can’t find her.”
  10. My mom is my biggest fan, which is weird as HELL when you’re writing erotica.

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