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Be a Lover, Not a Writer Part 2 – GUEST POST FROM ARSEN


–Arsen Ward, Writer/Guest Blogger for Wrought Iron Reads

I’d like to take a moment to apologize to the women who sat up late nights watching me pound away at the keys, to apologize in advance to the women who will do so in the future. I know, I know. Dating a writer isn’t easy. primary_EB19851215PEOPLE101119976AR

Whatever you imagine of the triumph of success doesn’t come until long, long hours have been put in, fingers have cramped and the relationship you were trying to build with Author Joe is more like a role-playing gig you keep showing up to needlessly. It’s heck.

It’s bringing mugs of tea and getting ignored. (Not on purpose, mind you, but I’m in the zone. I just need to finish one more paragraph…) It’s telling your parents the money will surely start rolling in any day now. (Well, we DID give away a bunch of books, so clearly once people start seeing those reviews, they’ll One-Click…) It’s having faith and losing faith every five seconds, while watching his facial expressions go from “Aha!” to “Oh, god, no!” There’s nothing glamorous about it unless you’re a glutton for misery.

Writers have a notorious (and probably well-earned) history of being brooding, sulky, inconsiderate bastards. It’s because we live so much of our existence inside of our heads. My friends have vivid memories of their childhoods. I don’t. I can tell you all about the books I read growing up, however, because those are my memories. I didn’t exist so much as I coasted through, imagining myself as every great protagonist I could find.

gm-legal-t“I have an instinctual distrust of conventional happy endings.”  –George R. R. Martin

We will never love any animate thing so much as we love our intangible characters and plot-lines. Rarely do we ever become as engrossed in this world as we do in the worlds we create in our heads and those others created in theirs. From George R. R. Martin’s winter landscape in the epic Game of Thrones to The Secret Garden to Alice Walker’s rural reality in The Color Purple.

To top it all off, arrogance comes naturally.  There’s nothing like knowing you can write a character out of a story. Maybe they’ll get hit by a train, get eaten by a dragon, get shot in a drive-by. Maybe they’ll discover they’re not who they think they are–stories are all about transitions and self-discovery–and then all hell breaks loose as their pre-supposed identity unravels.

downloadAnd, you don’t have to be an author to know the gleeful excitement of controlling the universe. You just have to write. Or, play the Sims, or create cities on Minecraft. The idea is the same: This is mine. I made it. I can do with it what I will.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the real world, bouncing back to reality can be such a slap in the face that you want to close the curtain on all that and keep pretending you’re the Wizard. There’s no place like home, Dorothy. There are better places than home. There are whole worlds you can dream up.

So, the other night when Shauntel (my current muse) asked me where we were going, as in what do I see for our future, I could easily make up a happy ending. I couldn’t guarantee it, though.

Sometimes I wish I could be a lover, not a writer…Gotta take one for the team, though. We can’t all be the protagonist who gets the girl. Some of us are just the unlucky blokes who get to tell the tales of the hero we can’t be.




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But, what happens when the man she hires to help teach Bryce a lesson turns out to be more of an alpha male than she can handle? Sparks fly as passion gets prioritized over the game, and Danita becomes a pawn on her own chessboard. More heat! More drama! More thirst!

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