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–Calypso Grier, Writer/Editor for Wrought Iron Reads

Reatha Beauregard gives you another taste of Antebellum Soul ahead of its release. Check out this excerpt and see how the author envisions her main characters.

Our heroine might look a little like this Johnny Ramirez model.
Our heroine might look a little like this Johnny Ramirez model from Box No. 216.

While heroine, Myranda Avant, gets settled into her new life in Louisiana, on the run from the law for assuming the identity of a dead girl, a few miles away in a club he owns called The Cane Field, Isaac Bertrand is about to have an encounter with the woman who will eventually set them up. Destiny is in the air.

Play this smooth blues track by Davie504 on Youtube while you read.

Deep blue colored gator skin boots whispered across the floor of the crowded club where the bass guitar was traveling down the scale and back up the scale slowly, while the drums hissed and a saxophone whined. An occasional hoot or holler from the crowd punctuated the sultry music.

“I say, don’t call me, baby,” Azalea Blue crooned from the stage, “’less yo ass is comin home…” She grinned her dimpled grin and winked her eye at some gentleman on the front row. She always packed them in. She was all dolled up in a scarlet evening gown that showed off her tattooed arms and back, with her lustrous hair pinned up in a French knot.
There were couples on the dance floor shimmying seductively to the melody. Statuesque women swinging their hips and tossing their heads back with bright smiles while men with eight hands tried to grab hold of everything jiggling and teasing.
“Sang it, missy!” I yelled.
Azalea pointed at me and cooed, “Mmmm, don’t call me, baby…’less yo ass is comin home…” Diamonds dangled from her ears, catching the light with every turn of her head. “You prob’ly shoulda told her…she ain’t yo baby anymore.” I laughed gaily and kept walking.
I was headed to my office. I had a meeting; otherwise, I would be out here enjoying the hot Louisiana night and a mason jar of my finest whiskey, the only way to drink it. There were fire flies sparking in and out the open windows, and the laid-back air of the place brought in all kinds of people—from the well-dressed to the fresh off work. It was my kind of crowd.
“Looking for me?” A seductive voice purred behind me. I turned around and large, expressive eyes met mine…

If this is Isaac Bertrand…then, romance just got hotter!

We don’t know who he is, but THIS GUY (from online image arcade, Imgarcade) rocks as Isaac Bertrand, the refined vampire! Antebellum Soul: Here & Now coming soon!!!

© 2015 Reatha Beauregard


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