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–Calypso Grier, Writer/Editor for Wrought Iron Reads

Hello my lovely people! It’s your girl, Calypso Grier, reporting to you live from balmy Louisiana. How’s the weather where YOU are?


We just want to send a big thank you to everyone picking up Antebellum Soul: Here & Now by Reatha Beauregard. If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, don’t be the last to find out how great this book really is. You can find it at several online bookstores:

Look for it at your favorite online retailer today! You can preview or read a sample of the book before you buy, and fall in love with Reatha Beauregard’s writing style. What sets this book apart from all the other paranormal romance out there? It’s packed from cover to back with mystery, machinations and more!


Myranda Avant is a dead girl. So, who is the woman pretending to be her? Randi Browne is on a quest to find herself, but what she discovers about her identity will blow you away! From middle class innocent to destitute seductress, find out why sometimes it’s better to leave the past where it is.

Reatha Beauregard is available for you to follow on Twitter! See what the writer is up to and find out what more she has in store for you. Connect!

Text here

But Reatha Beauregard isn’t the only lovely writer we have on Our Team. 😉 Go to our Books page to pick up more of these Wrought Iron Reads Fall Page-turners!


For all of my writers out there, I have a link to drop on you with some handy information that you might find useful from Pubisher’s Weekly: How to Get Self-Published Books into Stores and Libraries.

For my writers AND readers, if you like Goodreads, then you’ll love this list of other similar sites from 10 Sites like Goodreads.

If you’re participating in NaNoWriMo this month, get those jazz fingers ready and pound out your word count goals. Good luck!

Great things are done when menand mountains meet...

And, that’s all I have for you right now. Don’t forget to check out Antebellum Soul: Here & Now by Reatha Beauregard! Ta-ta now, y’all!


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