Same Problems, Different Writer

Writer People Problems

–Sondi Warner, Writer/Blogger for Wrought Iron Reads

The life cycle of a romance novel. It starts with a seductive idea floating around in the head of a writer. Then, the impassioned writer coaxes the fires of creativity to burn until the idea blossoms into a story that aches for completion. With laborious attention to detail, the writer begins the foreplay—the outlining, creation of character profiles, the drafting.

The real action doesn’t start until Round 2, when the writer hammers at the keys and strokes the story to life. The relationship between the writer and the story can be very tumultuous. They will war with one another, wrestling, struggling, writhing with a desire to be made whole. Sometimes, the story will fade away, and the love will be lost. But, sometimes, the love only grows stronger and so does the story.


The writer must have the stamina and willpower to reach the climactic pinnacle, and once the story achieves denouement, the work is only just beginning. A novel is born. It can be cast off to the masses like an orphan, or it can be nurtured and presented like the prize-worthy book that it is.

It can be dressed up with an eye-catching book cover, proofed and edited with discipline and love so that what’s delivered is a model novel and not some delinquent book full of bad habits and typos. When the novel is all grown up and ready for the world, the writer invests in its future with hopes of its success.

The writer promotes the new novel so that everyone can know what great thing has been produced. By the time it reaches the buyer, it has been loved to life, whipped into shape and marketed to the nth degree to be read by you. Read anything great lately? Well, it took a lot of hard work for your favorite title to get to you.

Welcome to my world, the land of Writer People Problems. Hi, I’m Sondi Warner, and I’m taking over the blog to give Calypso a break so she can do more of what she does best. I’m a writer for Wrought Iron Reads and the resident social media liaison. You’ve probably seen me around Facebook, spreading the word about what we do here. If you’re not familiar with me, please feel free to look me up!

So, what can you expect now that I’m taking the reins? I’m looking forward to talking shop with you and giving readers a behind the scenes look at how some awesome novels are being written here at Wrought Iron Reads. I’ll bring you more author interviews, some videos, book trailers, competitions and polls. I really enjoyed Calypso’s “Like a Southerner” posts, so we’ll be keeping those coming. You can also look forward to links and helpful tips for writers and readers.

I have a passion for books, and I want to share that passion with you. I hope you enjoy our Writer People Problems!

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