Weekend Quick List

How to be a Better Writer, Even When You’re not Writing

Writer People Problems–Sondi Warner, Writer/Blogger for Wrought Iron Reads

You want to be a better writer, but that doesn’t mean you have to walk around chained to your laptop or computer (or typewriter). Here’s our Weekend Quick List of ways to improve your writing without having to write much of anything.

hair-863698_6401.) Get back to your favorite pass-time. Whether that’s taking a long walk or knitting a lovely scarf, the things you love doing make great fodder for your next story. So, get away from the laptop and watch some TV, listen to some music, go out with your friends or just have a good conversation. You can’t write if you don’t live a little.


2.) Read more. Not just research, articles or Facebook. If your writing has taken up your reading time, then you’re only doing half the work. Read in your genre to know your market, but read outside of your genre to expand your mind. Great writers know the value of other people’s books.


3.) Eavesdrop. Witty dialogue isn’t something everyone can make up. You have to know how people speak. The voice in your head is your own. What do other people sound like? Knowing how to capture other voices makes for more believable characters. It doesn’t hurt to take notes when you hear a really juicy conversation going on in the grocery line in front of you.


4.) Build your relationships. You can take your book to bed with you, but books aren’t really great huggers. Writers have to spend a lot of time away from friends and family when putting together a new book. That’s why it’s very important to make room in your schedule for the people who make it all worth the work. Hug your kids, kiss your spouse, call your pals. They’ll be there for you well after you make the bestseller list, if you cultivate your relationships like you do your bestsellers.

5.) Know your limits. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your writing is to stop. Take a break. Eyestrain, headaches, the stress of building tension and trying to resolve conflicts—it’s like working in a war zone. Don’t underestimate the power of stepping away. Even if you’re trying to reach your word count goals, a good rest makes for a fresher mind.

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