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Don’t be that Book! Become a Better Writer

Writer People Problems

–Sondi Warner, Writer/Blogger for Wrought Iron Reads

You walk into a bookstore and there’s a sexy paranormal romance novel gazing at you from a row against the wall. With a smile, you sidle closer, but you get distracted when an enigmatic mystery beckons flirtatiously, and you almost head that way. But, wait! There’s that soul stirringly serious literature calling your name. Reader, you’re ready to fall in love with a new story. You’re just not sure what you want, but here’s exactly what you DON’T want. (And here’s how you, indie author, can become a better writer.)

guy-970955_640The Beautiful Idiot. This book has it all together on the outside—great cover, catchy blurb—just like that sexy stranger you met at the bar. After you get this book home, you settle in for a quality reading experience only to discover there’s not a thing in its pretty little head, and what is there is riddled with ignorance and errors. Please don’t be that book!

Writers, quality doesn’t end at the book cover. Make sure there’s something worth reading after the pretty pictures. You can find a bargain priced editor here: Tight budget? Trade services here:

dandelion-341720_640The Airhead. This book is full of lots of words, but where’s the substance? Inexperienced writers will shoot to meet word count goals by any means necessary, even it means half the content is fluff.

Writers, don’t let that be your book. Here’s a handy list of words you can strike out of your manuscript from now on: Words You Should Cut from Your Writing Immediately, and you should always be concise. Practice punchy writing with short stories and flash fiction, smaller word counts that force you to be sparing. It’s much better to indie publish an anthology of awesome shorts than a full-length word salad.

model-984216_640The Cliché. Plodding along under a dark cloud, this moody book is deep. So deep and depressing, in fact, readers can’t get past the first few pages without quickly watching some reality TV to lighten things up a bit. This book is someone’s coddled creation, taught all of its lofty posturing makes it heavy, even if nobody “gets it.”

Writers, stop petting the manuscript and make it grow into a responsible novel. Yes, books do have a responsibility—to entertain, to persuade, to inform to name a few. Do not give your book to your friends and family for an honest critique. They won’t know how to tell you your book made them want to look at kittens for seven days straight. Instead, try joining a writing circle or befriending other writers so you can exchange manuscripts and critique one another. Facebook has a number of excellent writing groups for networking, including this one:

man-340826_640The Bait & Switch. This book came to the party dressed like a businessman but turned out to be a poolboy. No, book, we don’t like the switcheroo. Readers prefer to know a little about the book the minute they look at the cover.

Writers, I stress covers because this is your first impression on a potential reader. No matter how great your book or how cool your cover, if the two don’t add up, that equals dissatisfied readers. Have you ever picked up a book that looked like a crime thriller but turned out to be a Victorian romance? The idea sounds ludicrous, but it happens.

So, writers, before you hit publish take another look at your book and make sure you don’t fall into the categories above. Become a better writer. Annie Murphy Paul’s, “How Reading Can Be Like Falling in Love,” says the “reader…establish[es] an intimate relationship with the author, the two of them engaged in an extended and ardent conversation like people falling in love.

Next-Lit and chill, anyone?


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