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Over at Wrought Iron Reads we keep busy to bring you fresh content every month. We’re a regular team of writers who banded together to help each other share our stories with the world, and we like nothing better than getting feedback from our readers. Here’s what everyone has been up to so you can Know What’s Next at Wrought Iron Reads.


Calypso3Calypso Grier, our writer/editor, has put on a new hat this month as she not only reviews our submissions but promotes our spotlight author, Reatha Beauregard. The time-consuming process of building a platform for all the writers and connecting with reviewers necessitated Calypso’s stepping down from our blog, but she’s still just a message away. To find out how to interview our authors, to set up a blog review or just to talk shop, you can contact Calypso Grier by email at You can also follow her on Twitter @WIRBecauseLife.


Arsen Ward has been under the radar the past two months after his September debut with African American erotica shorts, Thirst Traps Presents. Arsen made a stunning mark on his readership by giving away over 500 copies of his Thirst Traps books! Fans of Arsen Ward need not lament his absence. He’s currently working on his first full length novel, and Arsen continues bringing the heat.


Reviewers are saying:

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

As a man reading this it put a lot of things in perspective for me like how not to take a good woman for granted and not to see things as one sided as life perpetuates you should. The ending I felt ended as it should everyone deserves to be happy just don’t let your pursuit of it ruin someone else’s. Another winner now on the next read

In Arsen Ward’s new book, Trim, Johnson is a barber who can’t seem to keep his hands off his clients’ women. At his barber shop, his customers unwittingly reveal their relationship weaknesses, and Johnson capitalizes on the insider information to sweep the ladies off their feet. But when a sizzling sister makes him reconsider settling down, can he leave the drama of his Casanova lifestyle behind or will it follow him into a serious relationship?

You can look forward to the release of Trim later this month and get ready to pre-order your copy soon! Arsen Ward can be reached by email at


ANTEBELL 2Reatha Beauregard breathed new life into the vampire scene with her beautifully written book, Antebellum Soul: Here & Now. Randi Browne has a secret; she’s not the girl she pretends to be. Finding out her real identity takes her on a journey to the South and into the past where she discovers a lover she has forgotten and an enemy she can’t escape. Is she ready to know the truth about herself?

Be the first to review Antebellum Soul: Here & Now! If you’ve read this great book, tell others about how you enjoyed it. We love knowing what you think about our writing!

Reatha returns to the story from a different perspective in the December release of the second book in the Antebellum Soul series, As It Was. To keep up with Reatha Beauregard, find her on Facebook or Twitter, @New2TheParty. And, if you haven’t read Antebellum Soul: Here & Now, don’t miss this amazing opportunity. You can get the book at a discount for a limited time only.


Sondi Warner, yours truly, presented readers with a sample of my writing style in the intriguing novella, Jonquille. A Creole tarot reader from New Orleans falls for a poker player from out of town. With both keeping their cards close to the chest, who can win when love and lust are two sides of the same card?


I’m really excited about my current project, which will jump out of the contemporary romance sector and into the contemporary young adult world. Slated for late December, Kinky Hair JuJu is a celebration of diversity and Afro-mysticism with a sixteen-year-old protagonist exploring culture, sexuality and tolerance in a contemporary setting. I’ll be keeping readers posted on my Facebook page. Stay in the know by following me, Sondi W.


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If you’re a member of our Forever Free Program, expect twice monthly email updates on what’s new and get all your books for free! Emails go out mid-month and at the end of the month, so once you sign up, be patient. It’s coming 😉


That’s all the new information I have for you today. Come back tomorrow when we’ll be discussing more about books, exploring some tips for new writers and talking about originality and storytelling.


History never diesInterested in trying something new? Give Reatha Beauregard a nod. Check out her new book, Antebellum Soul: Here & Now, and tell us what you think about it! Don’t forget to review. ❤

Click the link to own it today! Antebellum Soul: Here & Now by Reatha Beauregard

Can be read as a stand-alone; full length novel – 314 pages

Genre: Paranormal Romance


I stumbled across this awesome link on 5 Basic Literary Devices That will Deepen Your Fiction. No matter your skill level, this information comes in handy.

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