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People Will Think You’re Lying When You Say You’re Taking ANOTHER Vacation (on a Writer’s Budget!)

Imagine taking control of your #LifeAsWriter after just one affordable escape. What if I told you, you can make traveling a regular part of your writing process without having to go broke? Writers need quiet time, inspiration and healthy isolation to get our work done, and a retreat offers all of the above.

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Promoting on Facebook? You’re Doing It Wrong

You need to understand how Facebook works. I’ve seen several “self-publishing made easy” articles and books that tout this as the go-to site for free promotion. Unfortunately, if you’re not careful, you could wind up in Facebook jail, since using your personal page for commercial gain is a breach of the rules.

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Warning! Don’t Make the 1 Mistake Nearly Every New Writer Makes

Did you get the memo? Writers are supposed to be introverts, and writing is something secret you do behind closed doors. It’s loner work, so don’t bother telling your friends about it—especially if your friends are writers, too. ‘Cause, everyone else who does what you do is competition. Writers are a brooding, surly, rude lot who wouldn’t dare help a peer or *yikes* a novice.


29 Reasons Why You Can’t Quit

Just in case: You didn’t win. You received another rejection letter. You got a troubling review. You’re wondering if it’s time to give up on writing and “get a real job.” Here’s why you should adapt, transition, circle back, come at it from another angle, tunnel under it, drive through it, pick another route, remodel what you have to, accept a different end date, ask for help, proclaim it, have faith in it, even blind dumb faith. Here are 29 reasons why you can’t quit: