Healthy Writing

by Sondi Warner (2)

–Sondi Warner, Writer/Blogger for Wrought Iron Reads

Writing got you feeling overweight, untanned and undernourished? Tackle your healthy living goals while you do what you love. Try these tips!

Read While You Run


Having trouble fitting into your lounge around the house pants? Then, it’s time to get moving, and here’s a tip that ties in your work with your workout.

As a writer, you know reading is your secret weapon to staying on top of your craft. It’s the easiest way to absorb new vocabulary, explore unique concepts and scope out the competition. You can be hard at work without typing a single word, but you don’t have to be sedentary to reap the benefits. Get up and get reading!

  1. Download an audio book.
  2. Find your running shoes.
  3. Get moving while you listen to a great story.

It’s good for your whole body. Bonus points if you can get outside and get some sun while you’re at it.

Try Audible.com to find books you love today.

Take Notes in the Sun


Want to boost your immune system, lower your blood pressure and decrease your chances of cancer? Then, you want sunshine!

Studies show a few minutes in the sun can increase Vitamin D, which is a necessary nutrient for optimal health. Skin pigmentation does affect how much unprotected sun you need, with some people requiring about 15 to 20 minutes two or three times a week, while darker individuals may require six times that much. But what’s not to love about hanging out on a sunny day?

  1. Grab your notebook to jot down ideas (so you won’t be tempted to stay out too long without sunscreen.)
  2. Find a nice sunny area.
  3. Do a little work outdoors.

A blast of sunshine also helps regulate your circadian rhythm to help you get deeper, more satisfying sleep at night, which will help keep your brain fresh for more writing!

Check to see how much sun you need.

Eat When You’re Done


There’s a reason most creatives starve. We forget to eat! But an erratic eating schedule can lead to all kinds of problems for your body, including dysregulating blood sugar and leading to weight gain.

Advanced meal prep is the key to any successful diet. If you’re a writer, this trick allows you to reduce time away from your story. You’ll want a big breakfast, medium lunch and small dinner, as well as snacks throughout the day. Pick brain foods to fuel your work.

  1. Decide your menu for the week and write it down.
  2. Stock up on your ingredients to cut down on midweek grocery shopping.
  3. Prepare your meals for the next day during a lull the day before.

This is a great way to carefully control your calorie intake and get the most out of whatever you eat.

Find great recipes for easy advanced prep.

Now, take control of your health and write your way to a healthier you! Tell us your suggestions for pairing healthy living with great writing in the comment section below.



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