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Writer Mom Tackles: Teens

by Sondi Warner (2)

–Sondi Warner, Writer/Blogger for Wrought Iron Reads

Along with raising my four kids, I routinely have my teen nieces and nephews over to spend the night. Picture writing a book with six kids running amuck through a cozy apartment. Yeah, recipe for disaster. But! I manage, and if I can do it, you can do it. Here’s how to write with teens in the household.


Star of the Show. Teens are incredibly vain, but can you blame them? They’re still trying to figure themselves out. I’ve discovered they also make great blank canvases for testing potential characters. Have your teens improv scenarios for our book. As with bigger kids, your teens may have brilliant ideas to help advance your story. Just ask them.

Prepared for Life. Writing is paramount for high school and college. Help your teen brush up on their skills by paying them to proofread or beta read your (age appropriate) work. You might even ask them to write catchy blurbs.

Master of Negotiations. Having trouble fitting your schedule around your teens’ lives? Negotiate with them. Give them more of a say in which events they absolutely must have you and which events you can skip. Also, work with them to pencil in one-on-one parent/teen time. It’s essential for both you and the kids.

Now, get ready for real life to sometimes be stranger than fiction. I promise, there’s a plot twist somewhere up ahead. Tell us your parenting secrets to writing success in the comments section below, and if you’ve got horror stories, maybe we can learn from them; share those, too. Happy writing!



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