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Writer People Problems: Busyness & Breaks, Episode 3

by Sondi Warner (2)

–Sondi Warner, Writer/Blogger for Wrought Iron Reads

Friday Recap 

Welcome back! It’s Sondi from Wrought Iron Reads and this is my partner, Mary, and you’re watching Writer People Problems. This week we kicked butt with some heavy hitting topics that touched on smart business and smarter breaks. So, let’s recap the headline that made the most waves. Which article won the popularity contest? You guessed it: Promoting on Facebook? You’re Doing It Wrong!


And if that wasn’t your fave, then make sure next week you

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to put your pick ahead of the pack.

This one was for anyone—especially indie authors—using Facebook for promoting. Turns out there’s a right and a wrong way to do it, and you might just be breaking the FB rules if you’re doing it wrong. Or, worse, you could be alienating your friends with endless, annoying “BUY ME!” posts.

That’s spam. Nobody likes to be spammed. Stop it.

What you should be doing instead is marketing to your target audience, which incidentally probably isn’t your close friends and fam. Sorry to break the news, but those people like you, just not as a salesperson. If you don’t know your target audience, then stop watching this and get to researching. (What’s wrong with you?! You’ve got work to do.)

Once you’ve got your target audience in your sites, ready, aim, write—nod to my buddy Arden Hoover. * Write the Facebook posts people actually want to see. Content creation isn’t about selling a product; it’s about selling an idea. People won’t give you their attention unless you plant the idea you have something of value worthy of their time.

I posted examples on the original article here of what’s been shown to work, according to Facebook analysts who do the numbers and are better at math than me.

  1. Post Pictures! Show, don’t tell. Incorporate your cover art into cool shareable graphics or slap a quote from your book on top of a banging background.
  2. Vids are in! Book trailers, author interviews or laughable home videos should do the trick. Show your personality as a writer, but more importantly provide something entertaining that naturally builds interest in your book.
  3. Ask some questions! How does that sell books? Well, it certainly shows other people that other people are talking about your books. They’ll want to join the conversation, but they can’t! Until they read the book. You see what I did, there?
  4. Make Notes! Facebook recently revamped their Notes to compete with other blogging platforms, and what better place to post excerpts from your books than this super cool long-form? Using advice from expert blogger, Joe Bunting, I suggested keeping it to 1000-1500 words. Find out why on the original article here.
  5. Get real! Last, but not least, hang up the promoting and just talk real life every now and then. Readers want to know you’re a human being and not a droid.

But none of the above works UNLESS you get off your personal profile—which Facebook doesn’t want you using for commercial gain—and create or start using your Author page (or Product Page or Services Page.) I tell you more about how to do that in the original write-up.

In other exciting news, while Amber Rose and Kanye beef blew up the Twitterverse on Wednesday, curated news site, Inside the Writer’s Life, featured one of our Writer People Problems articles from this week and quietly gave us a big shout-out on Twitter that made for a satisfying Thursday.


Thanks, @HSPWriter! “People Will Think You’re Lying When You Say You’re Taking Another Vacation (On a Writer’s Budget)” made it into Helen Akers’ Leisure Section. I told writers how to squeeze in a few mini-vacations a year to keep the muse rested and refreshed, including just how much you need to save per week or per month to clear $500 for a quick escape.

I talked stomping your word count goals in the Max Productivity: The 4-HR Writer Challenge with a super cool blue graphic to break it down to 5-Steps. And, I got nice with a brush up of professional etiquette in How to Be Polite on a Tight Schedule.


Things are really heating up over here at Wrought Iron Reads, and we truly appreciate the outpouring of love, likes and shares. That’s why we’ll keep giving you the Writer People Problems that keep you informed and entertained. Skip over to our Shop Now page and check out the super sweet romance novels we’ve got for you. More to come soon. It’s been a super start to 2016. Remember: #ReadEntertained. Because life’s too short for bad books.

But, that’s all we have time for in the vlog today. Remember to check out what else we have in store for you at We’re constantly making over the homepage ‘cause new looks good on EVERYBODY. Also up and new, our awesome Totally Free Click-Reads are totes amazesh. If you haven’t seen them, go take a look.

*AJ Hoover, author of The Chinese Fire Drill

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2 thoughts on “Writer People Problems: Busyness & Breaks, Episode 3

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Martha! Most of my friends are writers of some type (poets, indie authors, bloggers), and writing happens to be my life! *Horror of horrors* But I do also have an author page and company page, and I find it makes it really easy to keep things from getting too spammy. By the way, I ❤ your blog!


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