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Muses on Strike. So?

It’s Monday, and if your life is anything like mine, you need a break already. The week has kicked off with a mile long to-do list, and anything that can go wrong looks like its trending downward. Don’t fret, dear writer. At the very least, you have a device in front of you and words in your head. So, here are 9 reasons why you don’t need the muses twirling around you in celebration of all things creative to buck up, chin up and get some work done.

Become a Better Writer

Yes, You Can Tell the Truth in Your Writing

I heard authenticity in writing comes when you write what you know. Here’s another quote from American playwright David Mamet: “When you sit down to write, tell the truth from one moment to the next and see where it takes you.” It seems a straightforward method, but there are so many ways to sanitize our truths that you have to ask yourself, “Am I being honest?”