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Back to the Books!


by Sondi Warner (2)

–Sondi Warner, Writer/Blogger for Wrought Iron Reads

Different is good.

While the rest of the world went about business as usual last week, down here in southeast Louisiana it was Mardi Gras season, and at Wrought Iron Reads we zapped off the computers, abandoned our cubicles and classrooms and paraded out to the party!

Where I’m located in Baton Rouge, there was a snark snafu when the Spanish Town parade organizers allowed tongue-in-cheek floats mocking the #BlackLivesMatter movement with #PinkLivesMatter against a backdrop of a flamingo being beat with a police baton. There was also apparently a float that stated “Rape is surprise sex.” (Really, Louisiana? Really?!) The less than appropriate slogans made a few ripples in the news but were largely ignored. I considered it a reminder that one man’s funny might be another man’s battle cry.


Tasteless jokes aside, it was another successful purple, gold and green celebration throughout the region, and the week of revelry and ribald fun ended on a sweet note with Valentine’s Day. I’m guessing not too many folks gave up chocolate for Lent this year. ❤ Thanks, Calendar!

But now that the shenanigans are over, we’re back to the books. Yesterday on our homepage, as well as on FB and Twitter, we did the Cover Reveal for *drumroll, please!* Deserving. I’m pleased to announce Wrought Iron Reads is back on track with new books slated for release in the next few months, and first up is from yours truly! So while I continue giving you tips, tricks and hints for how to slam dunk your indie author career, I’ll also share with you my personal journey with a new title.

Romance. Get some.

Thinking on the Spanish Town parade drama and my own new book, controversy is the spice of life. While the parade had an air of exclusion—taking jabs at disenfranchised groups—Deserving is an interracial romance packed with a lagniappe mix of diversity. From a black woman married to a Latino man, to a single mom raising an autistic child, to a white character interested in our black female lead, to a polyamorous relationship, this gumbo had a little of this and that for every reader.

While writing the book, I wondered if it was too farfetched to present a world where people of such different backgrounds mingled indiscriminately. (Um, like in real life.) Sure, I know the current movement for diverse books and writers is a huge one. In fact, I wrote an article about it here. But, in this industry, there are rules, such as:

  1. “Urban” books are a niche market, and books with black main characters should probably fall into that category.
  2. Readers really hate reading about people having an affair in a romance novel.
  3. LGBT books are a niche market, and anything non-heterosexual should probably fall into that category.

This round, I think I’ve managed to break every rule. Yay, me! Only time will tell if this book is well received. However, if some fans feel it’s okay in life to break social etiquette rules to foster an us vs. them theme, then I know there are readers who will agree to ditching the rules to show there’s no us vs. them. There is only humanity…and what humans do with their jiggly parts when no one is watching can be entertaining, regardless of race or sexuality!

So stay tuned to my “Writer People Problems” because I have so much in store for you! If you want to ride along with me as I promote and discuss my new book, you should go over and LIKE my author page on Facebook. And don’t forget: Read. Write. Be. Entertained. Because life’s too short for bad books.

Who says an affair has to be a bad thing?

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