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Muses on Strike. So?

by Sondi Warner (2)

–Sondi Warner, Writer/Blogger for Wrought Iron Reads

Muses on Strike-

It’s Monday, and if your life is anything like mine, you need a break already. The week has kicked off with a mile long to-do list, and anything that can go wrong looks like its trending downward. Don’t fret, dear writer. At the very least, you have a device in front of you and words in your head.giphy

And probably some deadlines to meet. So, here are 9 reasons why you don’t need the muses twirling around you in celebration of all things creative to buck up, chin up and get some work done.

1. You love your job. Seriously, you have to! While the rest of your friends are off to the rat race to clock in, work fast and drop at eff this stuff o’clock, you’re somewhere spinning yarns and living the dream. Admittedly, the dream doesn’t look anything like you thought it would. It turns out being an author is hard, sometimes not very rewarding work, but you do have alternatives! You can quit being a writer. (But, you really can’t, can you?) You can go get a “regular” job. I guarantee you’ll still be complaining about something come next Monday. Ergo, write something. Your future Mondays depend on it.

2. You’re hungry. Not that metaphorical hunger, the real deal. Your stomach is telling you if you don’t get this project finished, there will be more ramen noddles than you can shake a fork at. Do you want to wait for inspiration to eat?

giphy (1)3. You have something to say. You’re full of deep passions, and you’re ready to start a riot. Someone once said the pen is mightier than the sword, and since we don’t use swords much anymore, get your pen sharpened. It’s time to write down your world-changing ideas and share them with the masses. If you’re stymied by time, money or talent, think of the many leaders who came before you and faced down insurmountable odds. This isn’t a job for the idealistic. You’re an action man. Now, write.

4. Your friends are behind you. Like, way far behind you. You’re running this stretch on your own because nobody can accomplish your dreams for you. So, instead of high-fiving with your buddies online about how you’re this stellar writer who’s gonna be somebody big one day, why not put up your don’t disturb sign and get started making someday come sooner than later?

5. You want to be taken seriously as a writer. Professional writers don’t wait for the mood to strike. They get up early, clock hours of researching, writing, revising and editing, and go to bed knowing it might be months before they reap the harvest of work, work, work. Professional writers don’t whine. (Okay, they do. An awful, awful lot.) But, they don’t whine about having to wait for writing to happen, and you make it your job to be productive, you won’t, either.

6. Because deadlines. Professional writers have way too much work to wait for inspiration to strike. I’m generalizing, I know. But, even if you’re not juggling two novels, a short story, five articles and a critique due by the end of this month, professionals have to network and continually learn fresh, new information. It’s enough to make us ecstatic on days when we have to “just write.”

7. You can’t afford writer’s block. Besides eating, getting drinks with your friends and paying for all those professional writing classes, you’ve got bills. You don’t have that “regular” job we giggled about in #1; you don’t get a steady, dependable paycheck every two weeks. That pity party you scheduled  might be done in the dark if you’re any later on paying that light bill. You’ve got the time, the tools and the know-how. Get ‘er done while you’ve still got the lights.

8. You’re that much closer to done. The minute you start, you’re that much closer to done. At the half-way mark, you’re that much closer. The last few sentences, you’re almost there! You can’t get hung up on when it feels right to write or you’ll never get done.

9. This might be “TheOne.” This book, this story, this article might be the one. The one that catapults you over your fears and gives you the confidence to tackle bigger, scarier dreams.

giphy (2)

So, don’t stop writing just because the muses are on strike this Monday. However, if you absolutely must take a break, kill time with this:

new bio





2 thoughts on “Muses on Strike. So?

  1. I love this… the muses are often on strike, especially since I’ve been busier! Nice site here, Sondi. I love the animation at the end of the post too! Have a great, musing and productive week! xx


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