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Much Ado Without Nothing: I’m Back!

by Sondi Warner (2)

–Sondi Warner, Writer/Blogger for Wrought Iron Reads

It’s been an incredible few weeks packed with promoting and discussing my new book, Deserving, and my “Writer People Problems” have been abominably neglected (despite the fact I’ve got writer problems galore!)

I’ve been sending out review requests, taking over blog groups, talking on blog talk radio and spreading myself thin! 🙂 But, there’s plenty more work to do, and the show must go on. I’m back and readier than ever to make this #BloggerLife work. 😉 *Pray for me*


The lack of blog posts has kept me on edge, but I am ready to rectify the situation by bringing you more of the stuff you like over here at Wrought Iron Reads. Before I do that, let me get this out of the way, the obligatory apology scene:

My dearest readers,

How I have missed thee! My absence from your feeds has left me embarrassed and bereft, and I have longed daily to reconnect before this flame of our sputters out. I have pictured your eyes running down my pages, pictured your hands caressing the Like button, pictured your sweet words in comment, and I have realized that I cannot do this without you. Thus, I return to ply you with more affectionate commentary about my woefully inadequate life as writer in the hopes you empathize and grow to love me as I so love you.

With everything in me, my deepest regrets and sincerest apologies for my absence.

Sappy enough? Did it swell your hearts with forgiveness? D’ah, well, if not, here’s a look at what we have lined up for this week:

giphy (2)


  • Bad Book, Great Promos! Why Being a Great Marketer Isn’t Enough
  • The Ugly Truth About #LifeAsWriter
  • I Did a Stuff
  • 5 Books from Wrought Iron Reads You Should Add to Your Digital Bookshelf

Now, skip over to Twitter and say #HeyBoo to @WIRUniverse to let me know you’ve been here. I’ve missed you lovely people. ❤

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