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After I wrote Deserving, I knew I wanted to promote this book as hard as possible. Working on a shoestring budget meant I had to get creative. I used some tried and true methods I’ve seen from other indie authors, but I also came up with some unique material. Feel free to see what you can use to tackle marketing and promoting from a new angle.

  1. The Deserving Collection – Using Google + Collections, I found a great place to put all my teasers, polls, puzzles, pictures and more! The best part is, it’s totally free. Google + has an edge on the competition with this feature, and it’s a handy link I can add to promotions to allow people to find everything there is to know about Deserving just a click away.
  2. The Deserving Board  – I’ve always been a casual Pinterest user, but this is another handy way of putting a lot of content in one place without risking flooding timelines. I was able to pin music videos and pictures that went well with my book, which is another way to drive interest, as well as giving me more than a Buy Link to share.
  3. Book Trailers – Using Photoshop, I created my official book trailer, and I’m working on Team Kristi, Team Matteo and Angelina trailers.

Deserving (2)

  1. The Official Brag Book of Deserving – This is, by far, my FAVORITE promo tool. I used to create a free flipbook. I created the pages in using stock photos and photos I paid for the rights to use. The flipbook affect took my pages from cool graphics to super-cool interactive book—easy to use, easy to share, and eye-catching!

If you have some wicked promotional tools in your arsenal, feel free to share them with us in the comment section below or Tweet me @WIRUniverse, #PromoThis.

Happy writing!


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