Weekend Quick List

For Days You’re Too Busy to Care

As a writer, I know the twenty-first century is short on supply and full of demands, and today’s economy makes it easier than ever to accidentally work yourself into an early grave. Before you put a premature end to the story of your life, you might want to take better care of yourself, and this weekend’s shortlist is dedicated to just that.

Become a Better Writer

A Not So Gentle Reminder You Used to Suck as a Writer

Whenever I get too full of myself, a nice big slice of humble pie is on the menu, and I revisit old material to put me back in my place. If you’ve dredged up drafts from the past, then you know what I’m talking about. Sure, sometimes we shock ourselves with our former wit and magnificence, but most often we cringe through every syllable of the re-read. Remember, you used to suck as a writer.