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For Days You’re Too Busy to Care

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–by Sondi Warner, Writer/Blogger for Wrought Iron Reads 

As a writer, I know the twenty-first century is short on supply and full of demands, and today’s economy makes it easier than ever to accidentally work yourself into an early grave. Before you put a premature end to the story of your life, you might want to take better care of yourself, and this weekend’s shortlist is dedicated to just that.

Create a Quick Self-Care Package

(For Days You’re Too Busy to Take Care of Yourself)


You’ll need a bag or container, and while the crafter in me says you can decorate it with paint pens and glitter, let’s be practical. You don’t want to add to your busy schedule. A simple Ziplock bag will do. You have the option of refilling one bag each day or putting together enough bags for the workweek. Here’s what will go inside:

  1. Take your vitamins. For a brain boost and healthy heart, kick the caffeine and pick an omega-3 vitamin as well as B-vitamins for extra energy. (Check with your physician to make sure supplements don’t interact with your other medications.) And, while you’re at it, put your daily meds in the bag, too.
  2. Pick your munchies. Remind yourself to eat. I go for unsalted peanuts, cheese sticks, raisins or popcorn because these aren’t messy snacks. Be mindful of your portion sizes. You’re not eating to get full. You’re grazing until you can pause work long enough for a real meal.
  3. Drink mixes are often full of sugar or sugar substitute. Good old fashioned H2O is alright, but if you pair it with a teabag of green tea, you add powerful antioxidants. Place three or four in the bag to get you through the workday.
  4. Eye drops. Staring at a computer for hours is bad news for your eye health. Keep a lubricant handy. Seeing the Visine might even remind you to look 2 feet away for 2 minutes at 20 minute intervals. Your vision will thank you.
  5. An alert on your phone. Okay, this might not go in the bag, but it should be nearby. Set an alarm to go off at hourly intervals. When you hear the chirp, get up and get moving. You can pump your legs while you stand in place, or you can step outside and stroll in the sunlight. Get your blood flowing for fresh ideas and optimal circulation health.

For more ways to take care of yourself in this #LifeAsWriter, check out this WIR Classic.

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How do you practice self-care? Tell me in the comment section below or Tweet me @WIRUniverse, #NotTooBusyToCare.

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