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ASI: Sondi Warner

Here’s an interview I did with Books and More by Courtney M. Wendleton. Be sure to check it out!

Books and More

S1Hi Sondi, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself and your background? I’m Sondi Warner, ghostwriter turned indie publisher, and I help run a small press called Wrought Iron Reads. I’ve been a writer-for-hire for almost a decade, but last year I took a leap of faith and decided to add published author to my growing resume.   When I’m not writing, editing, marketing and learning more about the craft, I enjoy spending time with my four kids and beautiful partner down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

If you want to know more about me, I’m easy to find on Amazon Author Central and Goodreads. You can also follow me at and visit my website at

Discuss your newest book.

Watch the amazing book cover here!

My newest book, Deserving, is a ménage a trois thriller readers have dubbed “the…

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2 thoughts on “ASI: Sondi Warner

  1. That was an interesting interview! I am going to check out your books. The one with the tarot reader sounds great. Thanks for coming to say hello at my blog the other day! ~Jeanine

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