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What’s New Wednesday! (On Thursday This Time)

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–Sondi Warner, Writer/Blogger for Wrought Iron Reads


Jogging in a day late, but not a word short, let’s have a look at What’s New in our world here at Wrought Iron Reads!

The Hot Mamas Day cards we promised are up and ready to be shared! These sassy Mother’s Day cards were created just for the reader moms in your life, so don’t get stuck trying to find a cutesy e-card on that important day. We have the cutest right here on our HOME page!  ❤


Got you a getaway

Our new book, Deserving by Sondi Warner (yours truly), is still bringing in rave reviews. Check out this awesome thing someone said about my book!

Deserving review.jpg

Get the acclaimed ménage a trois thriller dubbed “the year’s most intense romance,” with storytelling that’ll leave this book on your mind long after you’re done. Another reader says, “Holy Hades HOT!…This is a multi-racial book that doesn’t follow all the traditional stereotypes.”

Discover it now! Only on Amazon:

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon AU

Antebellum Soul: Here & Now is the next big book up for re-release from Wrought Iron Reads. Are you as excited about it as we are? Look out for sweet teasers, trailers and interactive content coming your way soon!


Have you been keeping up with our Facebook page? You can find us at Come hang out with us!


Thanks for joining me! Come back next week for another peek at What’s New Wednesday!

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