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What to Do with the Old, Abandoned Manuscript


–Sondi Warner, Writer/Blogger for Wrought Iron Reads

You have piles of legal pads filled with cramped, handwritten chapters of yet another unfinished novel. You’ve contemplated torching the pages to save yourself the remorse of years of not doing anything with your writing, but push pause before you light that match. Here are some amazing ways you can recycle your old writing.

Source: Wayfair
  1. Refuel your drive to complete the manuscript by posting to Wattpad. Earn readers and get valuable feedback.
  2. Breathe new life into old writing. Take portions of an unfinished story and incorporate them into new projects instead of trashing the complete work.
  3. Let it inspire you. Print snippets of your favorite passages and decoupage them to journals or composition notebooks for an attractive place to scribble new ideas when the muse strikes again.
  4. Frame it. Elevate your writing to an art form by printing A4 sheets and framing.
  5. Organize and press forth. If you discover much of the writing is too good to do away with but not quite ready for readers, re-familiarize yourself with the story, tweak the characters and outline, and get to work completing your book!

Looking to transfer your writing to something bigger? Try this idea from Highline Guitar for transferring an inkjet print of your writing onto wood:

You’ve got it in you. Happy writing! 😉

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