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Write Anyway. Anywhere.


–Sondi Warner, Writer/Blogger for Wrought Iron Reads

Lindsey Stirling playing “Hallelujah”

The sky was overcast, mottled like bruises–purple, blue and grey–as I sat in the parking lot waiting for my partner to get off work. Along with me were my four kiddos, and needless to say the short wait felt like eons with three preteens and a pre-school aged kid yammering incessantly. Over their little voices came the ebb and flow of evening traffic sounds, but surprisingly over that came a sound that seemed out of place.

Someone was playing a violin. I strained to hear it, turned in the driver’s seat to see if I could spot the instrumentalist, and found behind us a man with wavy graying hair playing to an audience of no one. He had the violin tucked delicately beneath his chin as he strummed his way through classical pieces I don’t pretend to know by name but recognized by melody.

The haunting music–he said when we stopped him to compliment him–was that of a beginner. To my untrained ear, it sounded like springtime. His music took me to ballrooms, back porches, and Blue Ridge mountains. I watched him through the rear view mirror as he leaned against his car and continued practicing. As it turned out, he was a dad waiting on his kid to finish swim class, and he used his wait to practice the violin.

I thought to myself: This is the key to the maxim, “Write every day.” When we write for the pleasure of writing, it no longer becomes a routine or a chore. It becomes something we desire to do for the love of writing. The gentleman appeared to play for the simple love of music. His expression was serene, and there was no rhyme or reason to his selection of songs. He played for his own pleasure. We write because we enjoy it–until it becomes a tedious routine that we have to do. But who says it has to be tedious or routine or something we have to do?

This week as you embark on another writing journey, I encourage you to think about the violinist strumming away in the middle of a crowded parking to an audience of no one while waiting to pick up his kid from swim class. I want you to write like no one is watching and do it simply for the love of it. See if you can find joy in what you do. Hopefully, it’ll bring you peace and pleasure. Let me know how it turns out for you. Tweet me @WIRUniverse, #ForTheLoveofWriting ❤

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