At Wrought Iron Reads, we’re a motley band of regular writers who share a passion for romance. We’re decidedly Southern and definitely different, but that’s okay with us. We like different, and we know you like diversity, too. Get to know the writers.

You don’t have to pick a favorite, but you just might. 


Arsen Ward

Arsen Ward is an emerging urban erotica writer making waves at Wrought Iron Reads. Hailing from the Big Easy, Arsen enjoys contemporary art and has an eclectic taste in music.  In fact, his favorite thing to do is listen to his vinyl collection while drinking chicory coffee and toying around with story ideas.

Our resident masculine force to be reckoned with, this writer is the popular author of Thirst Traps Presents shorts–quick reads to fit your busy schedule. He packs a sensual punch in his sexy stories and can’t wait to grace your bookshelf.

When it comes to his writing style, Arsen skillfully blends fast-paced plots with gritty sexual encounters for the ultimate quick-read experience.

Check out Thirst Traps Presents shorts by Arsen Ward!



Reatha Beauregard

Reatha Beauregard is a paranormal romance writer from Baton Rouge, Louisiana who credits her creativity to being willing to think “to the left of normal.”

When she’s not melding the sexy with the terrifying, Reatha enjoys spending time with her husband and family. Her favorite thing to do is gardening.

Reatha Beauregard writes for Wrought Iron Reads, Hex Books.  Looking to add some variety to your bookshelf?  Not your average vampire and shapeshifter stuff!

Discover new books from Reatha Beauregard!


Sondi Warner

Sondi Warner, of Kentwood, Louisiana, has a writing style that marries bohemian flare with plot-driven storytelling for a bold reading experience that’s unmistakably unique.

Sondi is a writer and mother of three school-age children. She lives a busy, writerly life, but when she’s not parenting or penning books, she can be found in coffee shops or at poetry readings.

Sondi has a knack for bringing characters to life in emotive situations for drama-laden romance sure to keep readers coming back for more. Sondi has also taken over our blog, “Writer People Problems.”

Fall in love with this book by Sondi Warner!





Calypso Grier

Calypso Grier is a writer and editor for Wrought Iron Reads.

A few of her favorite things include binge-watching old sitcoms, hanging out with her friends and partying on the weekend. She runs our Twitter page @WIRBecauseLife.

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