Hang out with us for a bit. Take a quiz and tell us your results in the comment section below.

WroughtIronReads.orgNew! Which W.I.R. Book Should You Try?

At wroughtironreads.org, we offer a selection of great romance, including our Totally Free Click-Reads! Wondering if we have the right books for you? Flip and find out. Because life’s too short for bad books.

How Entitled are you-New! How Entitled Are You? #GetWhatYouDeserve

The world is full of glossy, shimmery luxuries waiting to be possessed by the deserving. You may want the house on the hill in an exclusive zip code, but just how much are you entitled to success and fortune? Take the quiz and find out now! Brought to you by Wrought Iron Reads and all new ménage a trois thriller Deserving by Sondi Warner.

How do you like your book boyfriend- How Do You Like Your Book Boyfriend?

Readers love a “Book Boyfriend”, but how do you like yours?

Are you writing in your element-Are You Writing in Your Element? Quiz

Earth, air, water or fire? Does your writing style match your zodiac element? Take the quiz and find out if you’re earthly calm, fiery passionate, airy and free or can go with the watery flow. When it comes to great writing, anything goes!

would your read ItorNah-Would You Read It or Nah? 

Wrought Iron Reads wants to know what you like and what you don’t when it comes to great reads. Rate each picture with a thumbs up if you love it or thumbs down if you can do without it. Would you read it or nah?

Which Antebellum Soul Character Are You Most Like-Which Antebellum Soul Character Are You Most Like?

Into the paranormal? Whose side are you on: Human, Vampire, Werewolf or Voodoo Loa?

THIRST TRAPS (2)Which Arsen Ward Heroine Are You?

Arsen Ward, author of Thirst Traps Presents, creates compelling urban erotica that’s sure to make you tingle. Which of his main characters are you most like?




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