ANTEBELL 1Antebellum Soul: Here & Now by Reatha Beauregard


Coming May 2016!

Vampires, werewolves, voodoo…It’s always stranger in Louisiana.

Randi Browne is quite literally on a quest to find herself when she arrives in Lafayette. She’s also on the run from the cops for impersonating someone else, but the law is the least of her worries. There’s something on the hunt for her, something dark and sinister that won’t stop until she’s dead. Can someone from her forgotten past be the key to her survival?

The only reason Isaac Bertrand lets the runaway, Randi, move in with him is because he owes somebody a favor. But with things heating up between Isaac’s band of vampires and a werewolf biker gang, distractions like the sexy houseguest could prove deadly. Randi reminds Isaac of the antebellum adventuress who broke his frostbitten heart. Can he trust the past not to repeat itself?

Step into a world where history never dies and the thrills last forever. This book is packed with mystery, sex and magic, and you won’t want to put it down! Add this paranormal romance masterpiece to your collection today.

New Cover!
New Cover!

When He Knocks by Reatha Beauregard


Price: $0.99

When a girl unwittingly seduces Death, she’ll have to live with the consequences.

Tova Greene finds herself unemployed. But what seems like a lucky break—a cryptic note inviting her to a job interview—leads her up a dangerous winding road to an isolated mansion hidden in the woods. She discovers her task is to watch an ailing man in a creepy old house full of ghosts and things that go bump, but the nightmarish encounters on her first day are nothing compared to what comes knocking next. Tova has very specific instructions from the homeowner: No matter what…Don’t open the door.

Lovers of Dark Fantasy will be spellbound by Reatha Beauregard’s haunting storytelling in this macabre debut.


Deserving NEW COVERDeserving by Sondi Warner


Price: $3.99

Another affair? If you can’t beat them…join.

Angelina Fuentes really hates fending off women who stick to her husband like bees to honey. When her powerful bad boy hires a sexy new cleaning lady named Kristi DuPont, Matteo Fuentes is in danger of messing up big time. This is his last shot to prove to his wife he can be faithful. Or, should Angelina accept boys will be boys and girls will be better?

To keep her marriage intact, Angelina offers a ménage a trois. There’s just one problem: All three of them are in this for different reasons. Angelina is making the ultimate sacrifice out of love. Matteo wants to have his cake and eat it, too. But Kristi isn’t there to satisfy Matteo. She’s there for his wife. She’s there for revenge.

Get what you deserve when you order this dangerously good book from contemporary romance writer, Sondi Warner. Just be sure to hang onto your seats. This ménage a trois thriller will throw you for a loop!

Jonquille by Sondi Warner


Price: $0.99

A tarot reader and a poker player walk into a bar.

Jonquille is just out to have a little fun and get over her cheating ex, but the sexy gambler, Pierce Princeton, has something more serious on his agenda—striking it rich. Different cards, different games, but the same high stakes. The unlikely players throw caution to the wind and have a one-night stand, despite uncertain futures and undisclosed pasts. It’s the secrets they hide that may break them.

Pierce is betting against time, and the odds aren’t good. When the two find themselves running from Jonquille’s jilted ex-lover, death is in the forecast. But whose? And, who can win the game when love and lust are two sides of the same card?

Emotion-driven from beginning to end. Brace yourself for an engrossing love story. This book will make you feel again!


arsen ward

Thirst Traps Presents Shorts: Including Never Before Released, “Bodied” by Arsen Ward


Price: $3.99

Thirst Traps Presents…stories so hot, you’ll probably need a drink!

Danita Lafontaine, a strong female lead character, comes from a long line of cutthroats and killers in a concrete jungle where rep means everything and only the strong survive. Caught between the world in which she grew up and a new existence being forged beyond the gritty streets of hard knocks, Danita hits a stumbling block when her ex spreads a rumor that threatens to tear down everything she’s building.

But, what happens when the man she hires to teach her ex a lesson turns out to be more hood than she can handle? Sparks fly as Danita unwisely puts passion over the game and becomes a pawn on her own chessboard. More heat! More drama! More thirsts!
Experience this blazing hot compilation of shorts by Arsen Ward, including previously released Wi-Fi Freaks, The Suburban Wives Sex Club and Sleeping with His Sister. Plus, don’t miss a brand new story in this HEATWAVE of a book! Interactive content inside.

Wi-Fi FreaksWi-Fi Freaks by Arsen Ward


Price: $0.99

Everybody’s doing it…

When the founder and admin of a social media freak group agrees to meet up with one of the group members, she discovers her online persona may have written her a reality check she can’t cash! Online Cecily Granger goes by the name Sense of Wonder, and she’s the Queen of Sensual Wonderland where she can be as kinky/uninhibited as she chooses. But, in the real world she is a socially awkward tech geek with very little experience in the sex department.  It takes Cecily’s wild, free-spirited best friend to get her to take the wi-fi freak she is from the computer screen to the hotel suite.  Can Cecily live up to her internet crush’s expectations, or will he find out she isn’t exactly who she “posts” to be?

THE SUBURBAN WIVES SEX CLUB COVERThe Suburban Wives Sex Club by Arsen Ward


Price: $0.99

These sexy suburban wives have a secret sex club. No husbands allowed.

Julissa Johnson has a million dollar marriage, but she should’ve read the fine print before she signed the contract. It comes with a big, fancy house, all the finer things and a husband too busy to give her the time of day. So, when the lovely ladies of Sunny Heights Park invite her to join their club, Julissa is just bored enough to give it a try.

Affairs of the heart are the most dangerous kind. The Suburban Wives Sex Club is a wicked wild mix of orgies, oral and orgasms. Can Julissa have the lifestyle she’s grown accustomed to and another lover on the side? Or, will keeping up with the Joneses be the Johnsons’ undoing?

Sleeping with His Sister by Arsen Ward


Price: $0.99

Urban erotica fans won’t want to put this book down!

When Pretoria’s good man gets mixed up in some bad side deals, he pays the ultimate price, and the only person she can turn to in her grief-stricken state is his lesbian twin sister! Of course, in their small town rumors fly about the nature of the women’s relationship, but they’re just friends…for the time being.

Arsen Ward sizzles in this lesbian escapade that will have readers laughing, crying and walking on the wild side!  Can this grieving straight girl resist the temptation? Or, will Pretoria fall victim to Maria’s lesbian allure and start sleeping with his sister?


Hold ItWrought Iron Reads: Our Circle – Hard & Wet by the Wrought Iron Reads Writers


We’ve combined Wrought Iron Reads: Our Circle, Volumes 1 & 2 into one scintillating new book. Only on Amazon!

A woman alone at the bus stop has a friendly conversation. An actress unwittingly gets lost on a scary set. And, a guy finds it tough to break up with his alluring girlfriend. From innocent flirtation to the steamiest sex imaginable. The Wrought Iron Reads writers come together with this simmering erotica treat that ends with a flavorful bang! Seven sensual stories for your reading pleasure.

Will Hailey’s habit of taking what doesn’t belong to her get her into trouble, or will Derek show her it’s good to be bad?

Shai wants her best friend to be her side chick, but what happens when her husband shows up in the middle of their lesbian sex and asks to join?

Will Astor be strong enough to withstand his shapeshifter wife’s powers, or will her reptilian sexual prowess entice the Sovereign to succumb?

A straight eagle lady cop has to decide if she wants her criminal behind bars more than she wants him in bed with her.

Want a bedtime read that builds up to a satisfying conclusion? Discover the writers of Wrought Iron Reads! #ReadEntertained



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